4 Steps Towards Overall Health

Step 1:
Understanding Your "Total Health"

Step 2:
Make the Commitment

Step 3:
Assessment & Goals

Step 4:

Mental/Emotional Health
Social Health
Spiritual Health
Physical Health






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Social Health: Choosing Healthy Relationships

We all wonder about some of our relationships from time to time. Is this relationship positive? Is it worth the time I put forth? Is it wholesome and beneficial to my personal growth?

It often becomes easier when you identify what has not worked in the past and to listen to that feeling inside of you that is telling you that something just isn’t right. However, many times when we are in the relationship, we put on our blinders and ignore the behaviors we said we would never put up with during our last relationship.

We must be careful to expand our definition of "relationship" beyond the romantic relationship. Look at your friendships, your relationships with family members and coworkers, etc. Are a majority of your relationships healthy? If not, what can you do to improve them?

Some relationships, such as family and coworkers, cannot be chosen, but can be improved upon. It is important to look closely at the relationships you CAN choose to see whether or not you are choosing healthy relationships. But first answer this question:

What is a Healthy Relationship?

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